Our Process

Drawing up the Plans & Designs

If you don’t have any drawings prepared, we are happy to assist you. We have qualified building architects who will provide you with desings to get your home dream project underway.

Providing an Estimate

Once the drawing and designs have been finalised we can provide you with a free quotation or estimate on your project. This will assist you in making a decision whether you want to go ahead to the next stage. If the estimate does not meet your budget, we are happy to revisit the whole project with you and suggest changes you may consider to still achieve your goals. 

Building Approvals

The next step is getting your project approved by the Council. Architectural and engineering documentation needs to supplied before work can begin. To minimise your stress, we will assist you in this process and guiding you closer to the day your new home will be finished. 

Locking in a Fixed Quote

Once the documentation and approvals are in place, we will prepare a fixed quote and specifications for you. After your acknowledgment of this quote, we will draw up contracts and concede on mutually acceptable commencement date. We then help you to make selections for your project, arranging appointments with suppliers and ensuring that full details are delivered to the tradespeople who will be working on your home.

Finalising Selections

Even after work begins, there is still an ideal opportunity to finalise your selections. Don’t be afraid to make changes along the way. We are happy to work with you to ensure that you get the home you are dreaming about. We take a “hands on” approach all through the whole project, conducting regular site meetings to guarantee that nothing is missed and to give you the opportunity to make modifications.

Regular Inspections

It isn’t in every case simple to picture your home from looking at a drawing, that is the reason we like to “walk through” the site on a regular basis with you to clarify any details and selections you have made.


We make sure that you are satisfied with our planning and handover the property to you. And once the final payment is made, the keys are delivered to you.

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